About Us

DataMetica is a leading Big Data specialist having the scale, expertise, experience, flexibility and cultural alignment to understand the overall business, analytics and data management imperatives of an organization. The leading trend of Big Data and Advanced Analytics is a moving target today with constantly changing technology options. DataMetica brings extensive technology experience in the delivery of large-scale Big Data Solutions to overcome the challenge of explosive growth of data volume and complexity. We bring in expert technical knowhow and proven implementation methodologies in Big Data technologies.

DataMetica guides client enterprises from the Ideation Stage to reaping Business Value by providing practical and industry-specific roadmaps throughout the data management value chain. Our wide array of capabilities includes organizational process and operational aspects of an Enterprise Data Hub/Lake, Modern Data Platform, Analytics and Deep learning (Data Science).

At DataMetica, we are proud to have built a culture attuned to anticipating and understanding our customers’ needs and bringing in value adds at every step of our relationship. This has helped us attain clients across different industries like Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Communications, Manufacturing and Logistics, etc. Most of our clients are Fortune 500 companies with distinguished track records in key sectors.

Our Mission

As a customer-centric, relationship-driven global technology partner, DataMetica’s single-minded mission is to dedicate our business process and innovation know-how, our deep industry expertise and worldwide resources to working together with clients to make their businesses stronger. Highest visibility and oversight from our Senior Executive along with a strong core multi-functional team enables us to establish our long term vision.

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